Toscana Gomma was founded at Empoli after the war as a company in the CEAT group for the production of rubber products for the army. Towards the end of World War II, it moved to Robbio Lomellina in the Pavia province.
At the end of the war, Giuseppe Olmo, a famous professional cyclist in the 30s, founded the “Olmo Cycles” in Celle Ligure which needed both the technology and the raw materials for the production of rubber tires.
The cyclist’s enviable entrepreneurial skills gave him the idea to take over and rebuild Toscana Gomma, which lay unused after the war.    
Under the guidance of Giuseppe Olmo, Toscana Gomma began a new life producing rubber in all its forms.
Around the late 50s the polyurethane foam was developed and patented, and the industrial foresight of Giuseppe Olmo along with moving tire production to Eastern Europe gave Toscana Gomma a new life dedicated to producing flexible polyurethane foam.
Since then, polyurethane foam has been the core business of Toscana Gomma and the Olmo Group, allowing the company to compete on the international market.

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Toscana Gomma is based in Robbio Lomellina (PV), about an hour from Milan and Turin. The plant produces flexible polyurethane foams on both polyether and polyester base using continuous slabstock and moulding technologies.
The company offers its clients cutting-edge equipment, personnel and equipment for design, engineering and product development based on the needs and specifications of the application areas.
Toscana Gomma foams in blocks and rolls are used primarily in the automotive, aviation, and apparel industries, as well as other technical applications. 
The moulded products are mainly aimed at the automotive industry for seat cushions and engine covers. Toscana Gomma offers maximum design freedom that allows the customer to create customised products in a wide variety of shapes and features. The entire production cycle is closely supervised by the technical staff of Toscana Gomma, from the internal formulation process until delivery of the final product.


Continuous technical improvement of products, development of new technologies applied to the production process and constant customer service are the base of Toscana Gomma and Olmo Group philosophy.
Constantly updated cutting edge production technologies, research on innovative products for performance and reliability, quality control and certification, constructive dialogue with sales partners, and a continuous strive for complete environmental protection.
For this reasons, Toscana Gomma S.p.A is so much more than just a large company geared to progress, but also a reference guide for its sector.

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