A wide range of viscoelastic pillows for a perfect sleep.


The ergonomic pillow that relaxes your cervical vertebrae
Venice sustains your head according to the weight and the naturally exerted pressure: the pillow perfectly adapts to the shape of your head and neck, preventing them from being subject to excessive weight, favoring relaxation and relieving the unpleasant cervical pains.
Venice prevents unnatural positions thanks to its ergonomic configuration and perception of the body’s warmth, which allows it to perfectly adapts to the shapes it sustains.

Venice sustain passion
Venice is the new pillow designed by Olmo Group for Casanova®, a low-return, visco-elastic foam that, thanks to its special features of non-deformability, ensures excellent comfort and wellbeing.
Venice is the friend of your dreams, providing the best support to your head. It gently shapes in a way that uniformly distributes the weight. And after use, it slowly and gradually returns to its original shape.
Moreover, thanks to its special configuration, it sustains the vertebrae of the neck in the most natural position, ensuring a sweet and soft wake-up and energy charge every morning.
Venice is manufactured with Casanova’s innovative visco-elastic foam, which is the result of NASA’s technological research.
The use of this material is a guarantee of certified committment towards the implementation of state-of-the-art technology.
Venice is moulded in order to enhance the features of this special foam and to avoid any subsequent processing and the additional use of glueing substances. The Casanova® visco-elastic foam of Venice is manufactured in compliance with the higest public health and environmental protection standards.


Colour makes unique
My Colour Venice is the new Olmo line of colored pillows. Made of viscoelastic foam characterized by intense and deep colors that make the pillows unique and inimitable, adding benefits and wellness for sleep. The viscoelastic foam guarantees an ergonomic, hygienic, air permeable, hypoallergenic, mite-free product and optained without CFCs. The rest on My Colour Venice pillows will always assure a natural position, free from tensions and compressions due too a low-return, visco-elastic foam. Thanks to its special features of non-deformability and breathability and its particular conformation, it supports the vertebrae of the neck in the most natural position, guaranteeing you a sweet awakening every morning and a recharge of energy.


Finally the pillow is really as you want
MyPillow by Olmo® combines the exclusive features of the Casanova® slow-return viscoelastic foam pillow with the properties of the inlay.
In addition to making the pillow unique and recognisable, these features guarantee twice the comfort as anyone can choose the ideal side on which to sleep, based on their individual needs and sleeping preferences.
MyPillow by Olmo® is the natural evolution of Venice: it fits in perfectly the shapes that supports, aiding the full relax and eliminating painful cervical diseases. Compared to Venice, MyPillow by Olmo® contains Health Protection®, the exclusive treatment that is able to prevent bacteria, dust-mites and fungi responsible for allergies, bad odours, degradation and discoloration of textiles. MyPillow by Olmo® is available in two different forms, each in three different executions, and offers five solutions to make the rest even more fancier, personalized and unique.


My Crystal Pillow in memory foam adapts perfectly to the shape of the sleeper, springing back to its original form after use. It responds to the pressure exercited by the weight of the head, favouring relaxation of the neck muscles, while the perforated weave ensures a high level of breathability. Through My Pillow technology the viscoelastic Crystal Foam powered with Biocrytal® Mixture has been inserted in the middle of the pillow, exactly in the spot where it comes into contact with the face.

Sweet dreams are made of a silver lining and 16 crystals
Crystal Foam combines the benefits of Olmo’s memory foam with the exclusive Biocrystal® Mixture, composed of 16 carefully-selected crystals, with the addition of gold and silver. This unique combination of precisely defined quantity and ratio is grinded and mixed with a special procedure, as a result of 9 years of study and development. According to its proven efficiency, using a Crystal foam with Biocrystal® mixture implemented inside, provides you with an active treatment due to the mixture’s scientific proven powerfully body energy influence. Using only natural resources, Biocrystal® improves the energy flow through your body and helps you utilize only the best of your own body energy. Efficiency of Biocrystal® mixture is constantly tested and confirmed with scientific clinical testing provided by institutes, and tests done by doctors from various fields of medicine. Clinical research has shown that the muscles and nervous system of the individuals using Biocrystal®- infused foam are more relaxed, promoting much better and faster rest and relaxation. Sleeping, sitting or resting on Crystal foam with Biocrystal® revitalizes your body, providing the quality rest needed to perform well all day.
The body is recharged and renewed - and gives you the opportunity to vercome the lack of energy - experience life with more energy, opportunity to tackle all your challenges.

Provides maximum comfort and the best support to your head, neck and shoulders at is shapes according to your sleep habits. Thanks to the beneficial impact of Crystal Foam powered with Biocrytal® Mixture, it enables a full relax and energy treatment during your sleep time. Provides continual sleep during the night, enabling body energy to be renewed and balance established. Enhances undisturbed energy flow through the body and ultimately lead to improved quality of life. Leads to full body revitalization as it provides faster recovery and prepares for the upcoming daily challenges.


The best temperature for you sleep
As a result of the My Pillow by Olmo® technology, the viscoelastic foam pillow houses a special PCM microsphere-treated inlay in its centre. The PCM (Phase - change material) is able to create a constant microclimate due to its ability to change physical states - from solid to liquid - and therefore, act as a thermoregulator. Any face that rests on the pillow will feel fresh and revived; this feeling is also accentuated by the classic perforated structure of our pillows that create a fresh airflow effect.


Fresh wellness
The My Green Pillow by Olmo is made with the FreshGreen foam inlay which is produced with an additive designed to dissipate the body heat. As for the pillows is an effect that produces a feeling of greater freshness and comfort on the face. The cooling effect is not generated via a phase change, like the PCMs, but it is actually intrinsic in the product itself. The FreshGreen foam is defined as Green because it is made up of particles produced with a biopolyol; a raw material obtained from a renewable and biocompatible source.


The versatile folding cushion invented, patented and produced entirely in Italy.
Thanks to a special diagonal cut, the pillow can assume a self-stable position that offers a different angle of support, up to simulating the volume of three overlapping pillows, it is comfortable in bed,on the sofa but also in the car, on the camper, on the boat and even in the office.


The pillow that rolls up easily
Thanks to its exclusive patent, pillows of any size or type can be rolled up quickly and effortlessly. As a result of this special patent, the sizes and volume of the pillow can be reduced and a practical bag is also provided, which makes the pillow easy to transport: who would not dream to sleep with their own pillow whilst travelling. A perfect space-saving solution for second homes or guest bedrooms without giving up to sleep on viscoelastic pillows that guarantee a perfect night’s rest.

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